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Ethical sourcing and environmentally friendly packaging

At Only Tiles we are passionate about ethical and environmentally-friendly sourcing and packaging. Doing our bit for the environment and ensuring non-exploitation of workforces.

Did you know our packaging is good enough to eat?

No we are not joking. Instead of opting for the curly polystyrene loose fill, we have gone for the first ever potato starch loose fill which degrades without leaving harmful residues behind. It even dissolves in water and can be thrown in the compost heap, so it is truly environmentally friendly.

Our suppliers are also doing their bit for environment.That’s why we love doing business with them.

TAU (Taulell, S.A Grupo TAU) is our Spanish supplierwho has ISO 14001: 2004 certification in Application of the Environment Management System. Their plant operates under strict guidance to ensure it is environmentally friendly. All of the water that is used in the manufacturing process is recycled; they have processes in place to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and the use of a Co-generation system means that a single fuel source is used to produce both electrical and thermal energy. The plant is more power efficient since thermal energy that would otherwise be wasted is captured for use at the facility. At the end of their life all of their ceramic tiles can be easily recycled and the process starts all over again.

Energie Ker, currently our main Italian supplier.They are part of the U.S Green Building Council which is an American association dedicated to environmentally sustainable building design and construction. They also hold ISO 9001 and have been given the Export Award on numerous occasions by the Chamber of Commerce.They have a sensitive approach to the environment and nature, their production is based on sustainable growth. All their factories are equipped with close-circuit water purification systems to recover wastewater from the production cycle. Their gas emissions during the firing process are contained and not released into the atmosphere and their industrial waste is disposed off in compliance with the EC Directives.

It’s great to see that our suppliers are so considerate towards our environment doing what they can to ensure they provide you with ethically sourced tiles that you can feel good about purchasing.

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